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About Us

Bialowieza Wildlife Tours is a part of the Bialowieza School of Biodiversity . Ecological education, wildlife watching, guidance and transportation of individual tourists and small groups in Eastern Poland is what we do. Bialowieza Wildlife Tours is a continuation of House Upon The Meadows - a pension and a tourist enterprise I established in 1993 and have run for 5 years in Kiermusy near Tykocin. Thousands of focused on eco-tourism visitors (mostly birdwatchers and naturalists from Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland) visited The House and took part in its nature trips. Those experiences and professional biological background helped me to find out ways of effective and nature friendly tourism.

Here are the principles of Bialowieza Travel:
1. no big groups
2. no rush
3. nature first, impressions next

If you accept these rules, welcome to Bialowieza Travel and get on board for our expeditions. Our tour guides are biologists, experts in animal watching.

Our contribution to the protection of nature

In 1996 together with other eco- tourist agencies from Poland, Netherlands and Switzerland we founded ''The Wild Meadows'' Foundation for the Protection of Wetlands. Our projects are focused on:
- purchase and renting of areas which are habitats of endangered species
- recultivation of partially damaged wetlands
- documentation and monitoring of endangered animals

The Foundation is suported of benevolent payments given by the founders, and all tasks are done free of charge by them or by other volunteers.

All cooperation and help is welcome!

The Region

Eastern part of Poland is one of the most unspoilt by industrialization lowland regions of Central and Eastern Europe. This is a country of National Parks, huge natural forests, wetlands, big meandering rivers, wooden architecture, excellent food and free-living European bisons, wolves and elks.
Here are some of worth visiting destinations in eastern part of Poland:
1. Bialowieza Primaeval Forest - the last patch of deciduous natural forests in Europe
2. Polish Amazonia, protected within the framework of Narew National Park
3. Biebrza - the biggest naturally meandering river in Europe
4. Knyszyn Forest - Polish taiga - the biggest Landscape Park in Poland: the place where bisons, wolves, eagle owls find their shelter, the Forest of 400 springs.
This area, forgotten by modern civilisation, is a paradise for European bisons, wolves, lynxes, eagles, elks and other fascinating creatures. This is a country of big original ecosystems, where the Nature works in its ancient, unchanged way. It is here, where you can walk endlessly for many days far away from civilisation facing your thoughts amidst the wilderness. This is also a mixture of different nations, cultures and religions. Poles, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Jews, Tartar have been living here together for hundreds of years in peace and harmony.
It is a country of small family farms and friendly people. You can still meet people living like their forefathers - without running water, electricity and money. They still plough their fields using horses and simple, self-made machines. Here you can get a taste of really pure food, made following ancient recipes. Come and try the taste of real milk, home made bread and famous local dishes such as bigos, pierogi, babka, and kielbasa.

Bialowieza and Bialowieza National Park

Bialowieza is a unique village. In the old times Polish kings and Russian tsars entertained themselves here after hunting. English-style park, some buildings, monuments are the remains of Bialowieza kings times.
In the middle of Bialowieza Palace Park there is a circle of very old oaks, a perfect place for meditation, which is believed to be empowered with healing forces. Bialowieza is a famous scientific centre. Polish Academy of Sciences, Forestry Institute, Bialowieza National Park Board, Warsaw University have their departments here. Density of scientists per 1 sq meter is the highest in Poland. Bialowieza National Park (10,502 ha), founded in 1921, is the oldest Polish national park and also one of the oldest in Europe. Bialowieza National Park is known as an invaluable nature sanctuary in lowland Europe. Bialowieza National Park is among the World Biosphere Reserves and has been included in World Heritage List.
The area of Bialowieza Forest is covered with evergreens and broad-leaved trees. Bialowieza Forest is the home of many rare animals including European bisons, wolves, lynxes, otters and numerous owls, woodpeckers, birds of prey.

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